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Monday 13 January 2020

Challenge No #143 Theme: CUTE, CLEAN & SIMPLE

Good Morning to you all, and welcome to our first challenge of 2020!

We want to say a huge Thank You for joining in with our little challenge, over the last year.....we have some amazing challenges planned for the year ahead, so we do hope that you will play along with us

It was wonderful to see so many beautiful entries for our December challenge, and this certainly made it a challenge in itself, for the team to choose our Winner and Top Three, but we got there eventually......so,

No. 67 Helene

No. 61 Heather Mills
No. 28 Ileana Artuffo
No. 18 Larissa

please email me (Lisa) at happy.crafter@hotmail.com to claim your prize - and don't forget to grab your winner/top three badge from our sidebar - we love to see these on display when we visit your blogs.

Challenge No #143

A nice easy theme to kick off the New Year.....CaS seems to be really popular now, so we want to see this kind of style together with your cutest images....

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